My Alaska Cruise Ship Experience

Marc Yaffee

Living the Good Life

I’m on the Holland America Oosterdam doing four weeks of comedy shows in Southeast Alaska. Over 3,000 people from 40 plus countries are working and vacationing together on one ship each week. It’s an amazing combination of military precision on the part of the staff and Vegas-style vacationing on the part of the “cruisers.”  

For instance, hundreds of rooms are cleaned daily. Additionally, thousands of meals are served and drinks poured daily by the ship staff. This is all accomplished with efficiency, enthusiasm, and respect. Additionally, their efforts are met with equal appreciation and gratitude from the cruisers. 

Cruise Ship Diversity

Maybe it’s the unbelievably beautiful Alaska surroundings. Maybe it’s because people are on vacation and disconnected from stress, responsibility and technology. Most likely, it’s a combination of all of these things. However, I find it amazing and heartwarming to see such a diverse, large group of people functioning happily and peacefully side by side.

Christians, LGBTQ, drinkers, friends of Bill W, Rednecks, turban-clad Sikhs and African-Americans. People of all races and cultures in close proximity, relaxing not judging. Eating and laughing, not stressing. Slowed down, not rushing. As a result, everyone is being served and treated equally by an international staff of waiters, servers and stewards. It’s a beautiful thing.

I wish we could all have more encounters like a cruise where people are able to just relax and be comfortable around people of completely different backgrounds. Maybe the world would be a far less violent place.

In Conclusion

I’m not Pollyanna. I’m sure there are some negative behaviors and dynamics under the surface. However, this cruise ship environment has proved one thing to me.

People of all different races, creeds, and beliefs can exist closely together in a shared common space and enjoy a common experience. There’s so much joy and happiness here. Everyone gets along and works with one another to develop a cohesive, magical environment. It’s quite an experience.

We all need to step back and take a moment to chill out. We need to keep in mind that, in reality, the small things that separate us really don’t matter. They don’t hold as much weight as we think they do. Maybe, the answer to our distrust of others isn’t more education, maybe it’s more vacation!

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