About Marc Yaffee

Stand up comedian Marc YaffeeSince his first open mic in 1999, Marc Yaffee has turned his love of stand up in to a thriving career. Stand up comedy has led Marc to perform in diverse locales far and wide around the globe. Marc’s 20 year comedic career has taken him across four continents, 11 countries and 43 states. 

Marc’s past performance venues includes a tool shed in Iraq, atop a large rock in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a Tribal celebration, and on board an Alaska Airlines flight to Fairbanks. Whether it’s a Las Vegas showroom, a cruise ship theater, or a tribal gymnasium, Marc Yaffee comes ready to connect with his audiences and deliver all-out laughs.


Marc Yaffee’s Career

Marc Yaffee was the founder and co-star of the Pow Wow Comedy Jam. It featured performers at the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), and top tribal casinos across the land. In 2010, Pow Wow Comedy Jam was named NIGA Entertainers of the Year. Additionally, it was also feature that year on the Showtime special Goin’ Native. This was a ground-breaking achievement, as it was the first-ever cable special showcasing an all Native American lineup.

Marc Yaffee’s TV appearances also include; PBS, The Latino Laugh Festival, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen and FNX Network’s, First Nations Comedy Experience. His comedy special, Marc My Words, is a mainstay on the streaming site Nativeflix.com.

Recently, his new Dry Bar Comedy Special, Mid-Laugh Crisis showcased his “funny, not filthy” comedy style that has earned him a growing appeal among stand-up fans. Additionally, the special recently went viral and has garnered much attention as well.

Marc Yaffee has performed six times overseas for Armed Forces Entertainment. This includes the Pacific, Europe, the Far East and Middle East. He won the Ventura Comedy Festival in 2012 and is a former writer for laugh.com.

Marc’s wide experience has made him a hit with audiences of all types. His fans range from comedy club Millennials to casino showroom Baby Boomers. Marc skewers sacred cows, dissects societal stupidities, and confronts our common frustrations, all with humanity and humor.


Marc’s Podcast “How Does That Happen”

Marc Yaffee created the How Does That Happen Podcast in late 2018. How Does That Happen came about from Marc’c fascination with extreme people. More importantly, it came from those driven to seek out or survive record breaking behaviors that most people would never consider doing, and others many couldn’t imagine existed.

How Does that Happen spotlights not only the craziest record holders but  wannabe-record holders and should-be record holders. Marc Yaffee and his co-host, Dave Mencarelli, interview men and women who’ve claimed some of the most unusual records. Additionally, the podcast highlights people whose “achievements” aren’t in any record books, but in Marc’s opinion, should be.

Examples of guests include a comedian who performed stand-up shows 1002 consecutive nights in a row. Most recently, a female competitive eating champion came to chat. Marc Yaffee has also interviewed a man trying to become the worst rated Uber driver. Marc Yaffee’s How Does That Happen podcast is two extremely regular guys interviewing some not-so-regular people. It’s a ton of fun and we hope you’ll check it out here.