Comedian Jeremy Nunes served 4 years as Mayor of his hometown of Dawson, IL. Jeremy is writing a book about the experience but shared some of his favorite and least favorite mayoral experiences here.

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America’s Funniest Mayor

Comedian Jeremy Nunez, aka America’s Funniest Mayor, discusses the political journey that led him to be elected mayor of Dawson, Illinois. While there, he served four years while still maintaining his comedy career, getting married, and starting a family. Jeremy shares how a political strategist friend helped him run for Alderman, and then Mayor. Additionally, he shares some of the quirks of small-town politics he had to deal with; and being considered by GOP power brokers as a congressional candidate.


In addition to great stories about his political career as America’s funniest mayor, Jeremy touches on his Dry Bar Comedy special. Additionally, he teases his upcoming book, Amazon Prime special, and gives a funny insight into small-town, Mid-America living. Too bad we can’t have funnier humble and intelligent people in politics like Jeremy.  

Jeremy Also Discuss:

His attempts to modernize his town.

His decision not to run for re-election.

Living in a place where you’re related to almost 20 percent of the population. 

Highs and lows of being in office.

Crazy neighbors that moved in and disrupted small- town life during his term.

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