George Hood – Planking For 8 Hours 15 Minutes and 15 Sec

How Does That Happen - Planking champ George Hood
Planking Champion George Hood (8Hrs, 15min, 15sec)

At a time when most 60-somethings are easing into retirement, enjoying a slower pace of life and reducing their physical activity, George Hood is having none of it.  The 62-year-old planking champion, is on a mission to challenge himself and others to improve their physical and mental health. With his personal mantra of “Set Goals, Keep Score, Break Records…. Anything Else is Just Exercise,”  Hood is dispelling the popular misconception that the older you get the more you should take it easy. Training for up to eight hours a day in his “golden years,” Hood’s dedication to physical fitness and mental discipline has resulted in him achieving 13 world records, training other endurance athletes and raising money for charity in the process. 

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Planking Champ George Hood

George Hood is an ultra-endurance athlete from Naperville, IL most recently known for his Guinness World Record for planking 8 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds. But that’s not all! In Addition to his planking world record, Hood has achieved 13 world records. These include rope jumping and stationary bike riding in addition to planking. 

The 62-year-old former Marine Corps officer and retired DEA Supervisory Field Agent trains up to 8 hours a day while living his motto of, “Set Goals, Keep Score, Break Records… Anything Else is Just Exercise!” Hood’s world record attempts have also raised money for numerous charities during his 30-plus-years record chasing endeavors. 

13-Time World-Record Holder

While preparing for his most recent planking World Record, George did over 2,100 hours of planking and worked with a cognitive-behavioral therapist to mentally prepare himself.  Additionally, nearly all of George’s record attempts have been accompanied by a fundraising component. He frequently raises money for diverse groups ranging from the American Heart Association to special needs kids and Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS).  

George Hood also discusses:

Mental techniques to power thru his world record attempts

Philosophy on age and fitness

Daily exercise discipline

Being able to train other endurance record  seekers

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