Marc Yaffee's How Does That Happen podcast

Marc Yaffee created the How Does That Happen podcast in late 2018. How Does That Happen came about from Marc’s fascination with people driven to seek out or survive record-breaking behaviors that most people would never even imagine existed.

How Does That Happen spotlights not only the craziest record holders but  wannabe-record holders and should-be record holders. Marc Yaffee interviews men and women who’ve claimed some of the most unusual records and highlight people whose “achievements” aren’t in any record books but should be.

All in all, the podcast spotlights a vast array of interesting oddballs and obscure over-achievers. Guests include a comedian who performed stand-up comedy for over 1,000 consecutive days, a female competitive eating champion, and a man trying to become the worst rated Uber driver. The How Does That Happen podcast, where a regular guys interviews some not so regular people.

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Latest Episodes:

20 – Humpback Vs. Kayak

Friends, Julie McSorley and Liz Cottrell, share how a peaceful day of whale watching turned in to a near death experience as the two ended up in the mouth of a whale. The two ladies talk about when it’s like to experience a whale up close and personal. They also discuss the aftermath of the incident and how their story became a viral news share. Read More.

19 – 23 Million Mile Man with Tom Stuker

Tom Stuker, chronicles his legendary exploits as the worlds most frequent flyer with 23,000,000+ miles flown to date (equal to nearly 100 times back and forth to the moon). From his early days when he was afraid to fly to his goal to reach 25 million flight miles, Tom shares his most memorable celebrity encounters, craziest flight experiences and what it was like to the inspire a major movie, as well as star in his own unscripted TV show. Read More.

18 – TEMP SERVICE TALIBAN with Jim Fleming

Comedian Jim Fleming shares his bizarre temp job where he and other towns people from Fallon, Nevada posed as Taliban fighters to help train U.S. Marines, preparing for deployment in Afghanistan. Armed with AK47s and multiple rounds of blanks and minimal preparation, Fleming and his fellow Fallonites, engaged in multiple combat scenarios against the Marines, including fake ambushes, roadside bomb encounters and hostage situations. Fleming came to respect the discipline of the Marines while questioning the private contractors leading his $15 rent-a-Taliban operation. Read More..,

17 – Getting The Last Laugh with Lynn Ruth Miller

At an age when most people are struggling to get out of bed, Lynn Ruth Miller is running circles around people half her age. Now 87, this octogenarian energizer bunny, has solidified a comedy career on both sides of the Atlantic, a career that didn’t even start until age 70. Some say the best comedy comes from pain. This could explain Lynn Ruth‘s stand-up success. I’ve interviewed a number of record holders for my podcast but if few if any have Lynn Ruth‘s fearless attitude, indomitable spirit, and zest for life. Read More..,

16 – Comedy Lord of the Rings

Tommy Savitt, aka Tommy Lama discusses his record-setting fete of winning four major comedy competitions, over some of the funniest comedians working today. Tommy talks about his start in the New York comedy scene while attending law school and how going onstage between the likes of Dave Attell, Patrice O’Neal, Jim Norton, Dave Chapelle and other comedy heavyweights, helped steel and develop his comedy voice. Read More..,

15 – Reaching New Heights

Keith Nelson shares his life adventures that have included world track and field records, a TV sitcom, martial arts mastery, and of course, his successful standup career.  At age 63, Nelson continues writing, performing stand-up, and training in Kung Fu. He’s a Third-Degree Black Belt who can take down an opponent on the mat or an audience in a club with the same confident ease. This episode with Keith came in at 59 minutes, the longest ever on How Does That Happen. However, with his banter, humor, and stories, the episode definitely seemed too short. Read more

14 – America’s Funniest Mayor

Comedian Jeremy Nunez discusses his political journey that led him to be elected mayor of Dawson, Illinois, where he served four years while still maintaining his comedy career, getting married and starting a family. Jeremy shares how a political strategist friend helped him run for Alderman and then Mayor; some of the quirks of small-town politics he had to deal with; and being considered by GOP power brokers as a congressional candidate. Read More

13 – Bruce & Terry’s Excellent 52-Year Comedy Adventure

Bruce Williams and Terry Ree, aka Williams & Ree aka, The Indian and The White Guy have performed together for 52 years. The musical comedy duo shares their journey from college folk duo to becoming the longest active comedy duo in stand-up. Read More

12 – Planks For The Memories

What drives a 62-year-old to break world records when most 62-year olds are driving RVs?  At a time when most of his peers are leaving within their means, George is expanding his limits.  Enjoy this inspirational  and motivational episode.  George Hood proves that for him, age is not a barrier to world class success but an asset. Read More

11 – Run Aaron Run

Reverse running record holder, Aaron Yoder, shares how a knee injury inspired him to start to reverse running and literally turned his life around. Aaron shared his forward running highs and lows and delved into the injury and subsequent arthritis that lead him to.., Read More

10 – The Kern Effect

Andy Kern describes his adventures and misadventures sneaking into some of the nation’s most prestigious sporting events. Andy has managed to sneak, finagle or talk his way into marquee venues, including the Kentucky Derby, the Atlanta Summer Olympics, Oracle Arena, and the Espy Awards. .. Read More

9 – Fifty-Year Fast Food Fast

Sky Hoyt gave up fast food in 1968 (a year before man set foot on the moon) when he started working at a Berkeley, CA vegetarian cafe, during the beginning of the counter-culture and back to land movements in Northern California. Now 50 years into his no-fast-food fast, Sky looks back at the challenges, the benefits, and some of the missed pleasures…Read More

8 – Zero Waste Hero

Kathryn Kellogg discusses her unexpected path to pursuing a zero waste lifestyle. Originally moved to eliminate plastics from her life following a breast cancer scare, Kathryn developed a lifestyle that has saved her money, reduced her waste stream and improved her health. She shares her journey …Read More

7 – Dante’s Comedy Inferno

Dante shares his journey from aspiring child comedian to record-holding, international touring comic Headliner. He shares how he pursued standup from an early age, found support and recognition as a white comedian on BET and went on to amass the most overseas comedy shows for the US Military… Read More

6 – Good Golly Miss Molly

Molly Schuyler shares her journey from waitress and mom to professional competitive eater. Weighing in at a mere 120lbs, Molly is still a heavyweight in the competitive eating world.  Molly chronicles her start in competitive eating, the challenges of doing food challenges while raising four kids and some of her favorite records over the years.  Molly’s great sense of humor and humble demeanor are a distinct contrast to her killer instinct when it comes to downing food… Read More

5 – Unstoppable: Sammy Obeid’s 1002 Nights of Comedy In a Row

Sammi Obeid shares his journey from double major UC Berkeley graduate to full-time stand up comedian who along the way decided to earn a world record for performing 1002 nights in a row. Sammy shares the highs and lows of the streak and what helped motivate him and keep him on the path to complete what few comedians would even think of trying… Read More

4 – Still Zany After All These Years

Marc and Dave dive in to Bob Zany’s 40-plus year career as a stand-up comedian. Having performed in 50 states and Guam, Bob shares his comedy insights, lessons of the road and tips that have helped him survive and prosper in the evolving comedy landscape. In this episode,… Read more…

3 – Clay Tumey: Conversations with a Bank Robber

Clay Tumey began robbing banks after carefully researching what lead people to get caught in the first place. Clay robbed a number of banks over the course of a year with the information he had gained. Surprisingly, Clay never got caught! However, … Read more…

2 – Adam Thompson: World’s Worst Uber Driver?

Guest, Adam Thompson, turns Uber’s 5-star rating system on its head by aiming to become the worst-rated Uber driver. Read More…

1 – Fleming’s Flip Phone

Comedian Jim Fleming claims the unofficial, unverifiable record of having the oldest working flip phone of any person his age or younger in the Developed World. Read More…