Julie McSorley and Liz Cottrell: Humpback Vs. Kayak

Friends, Julie McSorley and Liz Cottrell, share how a peaceful day of whale watching turned in to a near death experience as the two ended up in the mouth of a whale. The two ladies talk about when it’s like to experience a whale up close and personal. They also discuss the aftermath of the incident and how their story became a viral news share.

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Episode 20 Humpback Vs. Kayak

Friendships can be tested in many ways. For Julie McSorley and Liz Cottrell, their friendship survived the test of a near-death experience with a humpback whale off the coast of Central California. These long-time friends narrowly escaped injury and death as an afternoon of peaceful whale watching was shattered by a breaching whale that momentarily had them and their kayak in its mouth before they were thrown into the water.

The two did not expect to become media sensations but within days they were being interviewed by news outlets from all over the globe. At one point their whale encounter even trended as the most popular new story the weeks of the US presidential election. With grace and humor, they both patiently waded through numerous, interviews.

Liz even shared that she did not want to go kayaking and did so only on Julie’s insistence of how safe it was. Julie had gone out the day before with her husband, observing the whales without incident.

Something this traumatic would have created lasting hostility between many people, However Julie and Liz have become even closer as friends, although they have no plans to go kayaking again.

If you plan to do whale watching, Julie and Liz have some good advice for you. Listen and enjoy episode number 20.

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