Jim Fleming: Fleming’s Flip Phone (How Does That Happen)

Comedian Jim Fleming

Jim Fleming claims the unofficial, unverifiable world record of having the oldest working flip phone of any person his age demographic in the developed world.

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Welcome to How Does That Happen?

Well, the time has finally come! After months of foot-dragging, episode one of the How Does That Happen podcast is here for your listening pleasure!

The basic premise of How Does That Happen is to explore the mindsets, behaviors and inspirations of official world record holders, wannabe record holders and should-be record holders.

Episode one features Reno comedian Jim Fleming. Jim claims the unofficial world record of having the “oldest working flip phone of any person” in his age demographic.

Episode 1 – Fleming’s Flip Phone:

In a disposable society where 3-year-old phones are considered ancient artifacts and computers are obsolete only hours after their release, Jim stands tall as a guardian of technology past. Meanwhile, he has continued to shun phone upgrades and the smartphone revolution. Instead, Jim opts to keep his 2007 Samsung flip phone, despite drawing scorn, ridicule and bemusement.

Jim shares his motivation (or lack there of) for his continued reliance on a device that can survive an atomic blast while simultaneously afflicting its user with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Learn More About Jim:

Originally from Reno, Jim started performing comedy while on the east coast pursuing a career in the biotech industry. Meanwhile, he performed in many of Boston and New York City’s finest bars, Chinese restaurants and finished basements.

As such, Jim has developed the thick skin possessed only by cocktail waitresses and door-to-door salesmen. He recently graduated from University of Nevada Reno with a Masters in Economics and has performed at many clubs in Reno, NV.

Enjoy Episode 1 and look for our upcoming podcast episodes such as Marc’s interview with Adam Thompson. His stated goal is to become the world record holder for “worst rated Uber driver.” Furthermore, make sure to keep an ear out for Marc’s interview of stand-up comedian, Sammy Obeid. Sammy holds a record for performing stand-up comedy for 1,003 consecutive days straight.

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