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Fastest Backward Runner Aaron Yoder

Fastest backward runner record holder Aaron Yoder shares how a knee injury inspired him to start reverse running and literally turned his life around.

Aaron Yoder is a college instructor, coach, part-time pastor and world-record holding backwards running champion.  One of four brothers who all ran track and field at Ft Hays State University in Kansas, Aaron took up reverse running after developing arthritis in his knee.  Since starting to run backwards, Aaron has achieved world class success as the fastest backwards runner. His multiple running titles include those from Guinness World Records in the backwards mile, 1000 meters and 200 meters.  He’s also a backwards running champion in the 800, 1500, 5k 4×400 relay, marathon  and was a 4 minute and 4 second forward miles runner and Kansas state high school mile champion.  

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About Aaron Yoder

Raised on a dairy farm in Peabody, KS.  Aaron Yoder was born into a running family. He is the son of distance runner parents. His dad ran for Emporia State University where his mom also attended. Aaron and his three siblings, older brother, Alan; twin brother, Daniel and younger brother, Jacob, ALL competed in track and field at Fort Hays State University.  

Aaron’s forward running career included a 4:04 mile best while winning the Kansas state championship. Aaron was a forward runner until he sustained a torn meniscus and developed severe arthritis in his knee. Advised by his doctor to give up running completely, Aaron opted to a six-week commitment of running in reverse and never looked back. He soon began to rack up records as the fastest backward runner.

The Fastest Backward Runner

Since his switch to reverse running (also known as Retro-Running), Aaron has participated in two world championships. Consequently, he won two 1500-meter world titles, two 800-meter world titles, and a 5,000-meter world title. Additionally, Aaron Yoder won a world title in the marathon and world title in the 4×400 meter run. 

Aaron holds the Guinness World Record in the reverse running mile. Most importantly, Aaron will be competing in the next world championships in London. Keep your eyes peeled!

Aaron also discusses:

  • Growing up on a dairy farm and not liking milk
  • Overcoming injuries and adversity
  • How injuries pushed him into backward running
  • The process to become a Guinness World Record Holder
  • Being a Justin Timberlake look-alike

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