Sky Hoyt’s Fifty Year Fast Food Fast

Sky Hoyt on How Does That Happen?

Sky Hoyt is a retired small-market farmer, and former college professor from Lake County in Northern California. Born in San Francisco, Sky and has family moved to Berkeley, California, where he was exposed to the growing counter-culture movement of the late 60s. At age 14 (An age when most teenagers are just ramping up their love of fast food), Sky ended up going fast food free after taking a job for room and board at a vegetarian restaurant.

Sky moved to Sonoma, CA, as part of the back-to-the-land movement before ending up in Lake Country as a successful market farmer. 

In addition to his ownership of Sky Hoyt Farms, Sky also served as a part- time professor at Mendocino College as well as on local agricultural advisory boards. Now retired in Lakeport, CA, Sky continues to advocate for small farm sustainability and rural community issues. He lives in Scotts Valley, just outside of Lakeport with his wife, Paula. 

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Sky Hoyt gave up fast food in 1968 (a year before man set foot on the moon) when he started working at a Berkeley, CA vegetarian cafe, during the beginning of the counter-culture and back to land movements in Northern California. Now 50 years into his no-fast-food fast, Sky looks back at the challenges, the benefits and some of the missed pleasures

Sky Hoyt also discusses:

  • Growing up in a family that didn’t encourage healthy eating
  • Being a part of the 60s food-consciousness movement
  • Health challenges he’s faced despite avoiding fast food for so long
  • People’s reaction to his no fast-food life

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