Adam Thompson: World’s Worst Uber Driver?

Worst Uber Driver Adam Thompson
Worst Uber Driver Adam Thompson

Uber driver Adam Thompson, turns the company’s 5-star rating system on its head by aiming to become the worst-rated Uber driver.

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Episode 2 – World’s Worst Uber Driver?

Adam Thompson turned Uber’s 5-star rating system on its head. Consequently, He changed the game by aiming to become the worst-rated Uber driver. Unsurprisingly, Adam’s hilarious race to the bottom showcases his imagination, chutzpah, and humor.

Adam takes the convenience and reliability out of ride-sharing. For instance, He leaves passengers at the wrong locations. Additionally, he bringing his two-year old son along on rides. Without a doubt, Adam’s zero-star goal makes for a five-star podcast interview.

Uber Driver Adam Thompson Also Discusses:

  • His introduction to Uber and his original motivation
  • Early interactions with his passengers
  • Frustration with ungrateful passengers
  • His decision to go rogue and try to zero out his star ratings
  • Adam’s first passenger ejection
  • His Minneapolis Superbowl experiences with Philadelphia Eagles fans
  • Time in Jamaica as an unauthorized Motor scooter taxi
  • His arrest for head-butting an off-duty Minneapolis Police Officer

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Learn More About Uber Driver Adam Thompson:

Adam Thompson is a full-time father and part-time Uber Driver. Most importantly, he holds a Masters in Education. Interestingly, Adam operated scuba resorts in Honduras & Thailand during his career.

Additionally, he was a development director for several non-profit institutions. Adam taught English as second language for a short time in an undisclosed Asian country. However, he maintains that he had to quit and flee under the cover of darkness.

Adam was once arrested for punching a blow-up Joe Camel display. However, the story didn’t end expected. In fact, the incident resulted in a financial settlement in his favor. Adam’s hobbies include spear fishing, cliff diving, snowboarding, and cheap rum.

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