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How Does that Happen? - Episode 11 - Run Aaron Run
How Does That Happen? – Episode 11

In the ever-growing sports landscape, running is still one of the most popular and enduring exercises out there.  A sub-segment of running, Reverse  Running, is the specialty of my Episode 10 Guest, Aaron Yoder. 

Aaron is a runner, University Coach, Instructor, and part-time Pastor.  Aaron’s interview definitely showed me how we are greatly affected by our environment and upbringing.  His life insights and stories definitely reveal why he’s achieved success in his niche sport.

We got into the lives and running the background of Aaron’s family.  Living on a dairy farm, a son of distance runners, Aaron was always exposed to his parents’ work ethic and dedication to running. 

He actually ran his first mile in Kindergarten during a PE class when most kids were just trying to find their cubby hole. He went on to win the Kansas state high school championship as a mile runner. Aaron and his four brothers were all college runners at Ft Hays State, likely a record in its own right.

Aaron Yoder and Reverse Running

Aaron shared his forward running highs and lows and delved into the injury and subsequent arthritis that lead him to turn to backward running. He discusses what brought him to this non-traditional running style, as well as the success and challenges he’s experienced. 

Aaron Yoder has accumulated a number of world titles in backward running while maintaining a healthy dose of humility definitely reflecting his Midwestern Lutheran roots.

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