Officially Debuting The “Kindness of Strangers” Comedy Tour

Marc Yaffee

It’s finally here! The Kindness of Strangers Comedy Tour (KOSCT) will debut Saturday, March 14 in Stockton. A benefit show for the IPAP, The Kindness of Strangers tour will assist the Indigenous Peoples Adjustment Program (IPAP), a non-profit assisting recently paroled Native men and women. Adam and I have been talking for years about a project like this. A comedy tour to benefit non-profits. 

This first test show isn’t part of a tour. However, it will be a good test run to see if our idea has merit.  We decided if we do a KOSCT show we’d forego any performance fee and rely on the kindness of strangers attending the show to support us financially thru merchandise sales.

Inspiration for the Kindness of Strangers Comedy Tour

Adam and I were inspired to start the Kindness of Strangers Comedy Tour from the Netflix documentary, The Kindness Diaries with Leon Logothesis.  Leon traveled the world in Season One on a motorcycle. In season two, he traveled the Americas in a VW Bug. The entire time, he relied on strangers to feed and house him. In reality, he actually is a wealthy (but humble) man. He would end up offering a generous financial gift to some of his hosts in need after experiencing their generosity.  His faith in humanity, which turned out to be well-founded, got us thinking about a similar project centered around comedy.   

Our template will be a little different.  We won’t just show up in a town or city asking non-profits to put on a pop-up fundraiser show.  We will reach out in advance to local charities in need, offer our services and hopefully put on a great night of comedy that will help them raise a lot of money. As we go from city to city, we will ask the non-profit only to provide us lodging.  Any travel money and financial support to sustain our tour will come from people moved to help.  Either generous people visiting our website, that buy our tour merchandise, or people attending the show who want to buy our t-shirt or audio recording of the show they attend.

Comedians Adam Stone and Marc Yaffee kick off the Kindness of Strangers Comedy Tour
Comedians Adam Stone and Marc Yaffee

Comedy Show Guinea Pigs

We don’t mind being comedy “guinea pigs.”  We both feel stand-up has been very good to us over the years. We’ve visited some amazing places and met some awesome people. Here’s our chance to give back and see what the universe gives back to us. So, if nothing else, just follow our adventures on social media and support us with some encouraging comments.  Also please spread the word to others, especially people in the non-profit field who may need a fundraising opportunity.

Our first show will be at the Fellowship Hall, Saturday, March 14 at 7:30pm. The Fellowship Hall is located at 2220 West Alpine Avenue Stockton, CA.  The doors will open at 6pm. There will be a dinner at 6:30pm, raffle at 7pm, and show at 7:30pm.   

The proceeds from this show will help IPAP fund an aftercare  center for Native people to embrace cultural awareness and healing.  Tickets will be available at the door for $25 ($15 for youth under 18 and seniors).  For advance tickets and information, contact Gerald Arnett at 209  481 2361 or Nora Nambiar at 209-688-6213.

You can learn more about and donate to The Kindness of Strangers Comedy Tour at it’s the official website.

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