Clay Tumey: Conversations with a Bank Robber

Marc Yaffee
Clay Tumey on How Does that Happen Podcast

Episode 3 of my How Does That Happen podcast features, former bank robber, Clay Tumey.  In my mind, Clay falls under the category of “Should be” record holder, in not one but two respects.  First, he robbed banks and was never caught.  Basically, he went undefeated against both banks and law enforcement.  Personally, I can’t even get away with double parking. I’m not saying that not getting caught robbing banks  is a high watermark that should be admired or respected. However, it is noteworthy. Secondly, Clay decided to turn himself in even though his bank robberies had gone unsolved and probably would have remained so. 

I never asked Clay Tumey if he robbed more than those three banks. But he certainly came across as having the wherewithal,  intelligence and confidence to have pulled off  more robberies without getting caught.    I really enjoyed this interview because Clay displayed  humility and humanity in describing his journey, where others might’ve taken a more brash approach.   After listening to the interview you can see why he was able to turn his life around.  I’m glad I got to interview Clay and I’m even happier for him and his family that he enjoys a productive and fulfilling life now.

Clay with his son

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