Good Golly Miss Molly

Marc Yaffee
Molly Schuyler on How Does That Happen

Hey everyone. Marc Yaffee here, and I’m finally back with Episode 6 of my “How Does That Happen” podcast. This episode spotlights Competitive Eating Champion, wife, mother of four, and former Vegetarian, Molly Schuyler. She is a not-so-average mom with a way-above-average ability to eat massive quantities of food at a professional level.  Like, massive quantities of food. As in 501 boneless chicken wings in 30 minutes; three 72-ounce steaks in 20 MINUTES; and 8lbs of cottage cheese in 75 seconds. Wow!

Recognized as the Number 1 Female Speed Eater in the world (Yes, that’s a thing), Molly Schuyler shares her journey from waitress getting paid to serve food to world-class professional getting paid to eat food. This might be my favorite episode so far.  Molly brings a great personality, a kick-ass attitude and a refreshing sense of humor. And as a side note, some of the audio was a little rough (no, not the language) but like any new podcast, we are in a learning curve.  We promise the technical learning curve will improve. Unfortunately, I can’t make that promise for the hosts.

I hope you enjoy this episode of “How Does That Happen” and will share it with your family and friends.  Feel free to leave a review on iTunes or whatever platform you’re listening on.  

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