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62-Year Old George Hood Proves Age Is No Barrier to Breaking Records

Planking champ George Hood
How Does That Happen? – Episode 12

At a time when most 60-somethings are easing into retirement, George Hood is having none of it.  The 62-year-old former Marine Officer and now-retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent, is on a mission to challenge himself and others to improve their physical and mental health. With his personal mantra of “Set Goals, Keep Score, Break Records….Anything Else is Just Exercise,”  Hood is dispelling the popular misconception that the older you get the more you should slow down.

Planking Champ George Hood

Training up to eight hours a day in his “Golden Years,” Hood’s dedication to mental and physical fitness has earned him 13 world records. In addition, Hood has trained other endurance athletes while raising money for charity in the process. 

Our interview revealed Hood’s love of exercise and desire to push the limits of his own physical and mental capacities. Hood’s latest success, earning the Guinness World Record for planking at 8 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds, is an amazing feat surpassed by his actual personal best of 10 hours 10 minutes, an international world record. 

Hood recounts his record-setting odyssey that began in Honolulu, October of 1986. There he earned his first Guinness World Record for a 13 hour 12 minute and 11-second rope skipping marathon. George also went on to earn Guinness world records in stationary cycling. This included 222 hours 22 minutes and 22 seconds in November 2010.  Turning his sights on planking records, George’s first planking Guinness World Record was 1 hour 20 minutes and five seconds, an admirable feat now dwarfed by his current planking successes. 

More Than Record-Setting

Aside from his records, Hood’s dedication to training, preparation, and fundraising was inspiring to hear. While prepping for his most recent Guinness World Record, George did over 2,100 hours of planking. He also worked regularly with a cognitive-behavioral therapist to toughen his mental endurance. Almost all of George’s world record attempts have been accompanied by a fundraising component that has raised money for diverse groups ranging from the American Heart Association to special needs kids and Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS).  

What drives a 62-year-old to break world records when most 62-year olds are driving RVs?  At a time when most of his peers are leaving within their means, George is expanding his limits.  Enjoy this inspirational and motivational episode.  George Hood proves that for him, age is not a barrier to world-class success but an asset.

George Hood Planking Record Holder

Former Marine Corps officer and now-retired DEA Supervisory Field Agent, George Hood, shares his insights, mindset, and training regimen that lead him to 13 world records and 16 world record attempts, including his latest 8hour, 10 minute and 10 second Guinness World Record for Planking at age 62.

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