Terry & Bruce’s Excellent 52 Year Comedy Adventure

Marc Yaffee

Williams & Ree Aka The Indian & The White Guy’s Success is No Joke

How Does That Happen? – Episode 13

Bruce Williams and Ree a.k.a. The Indian and the White Guy have been performing together for 52 years.  As a comedy duo, Bruce Williams (The White Guy) and Terry Ree (The Indian) have outlasted disco, polyester, Reaganomics, Buick, the WHL, the XFL, AOL, two Bush presidencies, Circuit City, Saturn, and Southern Pacific Railroad.


The Power of Music And Comedy

From their early days as musicians at Black Hills State University in Spearfish South Dakota to multiple television appearances and thousands of live shows, Bruce and Terry show that a little bit of luck and a lot of talent can go a long way.  With over a half-century under their belts, Williams and Ree can now lay claim as the longest actively performing comedy duo in history, no small feat given the challenge of creating relevant songs, jokes and banter that can be volleyed back and forth at the high level that Bruce and Terry do. 

Rubbing Elbows and Taking Names

They’ve opened for Garth Brooks, had a cooking show with Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady from the Brady Bunch), and performed from International Falls, Minnesota to Las Vegas.   Through it all, they’ve maintained their love of comedy, music, and performing together.  52-years later, their chemistry, banter, and timing are still as strong as ever.   

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Williams and Ree aka The Indian and The White Guy

Bruce Williams and Terry Ree, alternately billed as both “Williams and Ree” and “The Indian and The White Guy,” are a musical comedy duo.   For the past 52 years, they have performed throughout the United States. Williams and Ree first met in 1968 at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, performing in a pop band where they would throw in jokes and  funny lines between songs.  Branching off as a folk duo, their humor soon became more popular than their music and they began performing regularly as  musical comedy duo.  .

Williams and Ree have performed with the likes of Garth brooks, The Oak Ridge Boys and Tim McGraw. They’ve made numerous TV appearances over the years and were series regulars on The Nashville Network’s County Kitchen with Florence Henderson (Mrs Brady form The Brady Bunch ). Their comedy albums include “The Best of Williams and Ree”, “Taking Reservations” and “Way Up Norsk”. They also made two independent films; “Williams and Ree, The Movie” and “Totem Ree-Call”

Williams and Ree currently perform throughout the United States and Canada at casinos, festivals  and fairs.  . They are the regular hosts of the  Craven Country Jamboree in Craven, Saskatchewan and Country Thunder Festivals in Wisconsin and Arizona.  They are also regulars at the Norse Hostfest, in Minot, ND.  

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