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Episode 21 with Myk Powell

King of the Island Airwaves Myk Powell

King of the Island Airwaves

Some people seek fame and notoriety while others seek a faraway island life of peace and tranquillity. Myk Powell managed to do both, going from unpaid radio intern to the king of talk radio on America’s most far-flung soil, the island of Guam.  Myk’s tale as king of the island airwaves tracks his unconventional radio career that started in high school when he answered the phone for a Honolulu radio personality while picking up an album he won in a contest.

Mike’s fateful encounter with Captain Cook (Yes Captain Cook Radio Personality, it was the 1970s), landed him a radio producer job. That job morphed into an on-air DJ spot when he took over the microphone as other station staffers rushed to the office of the station programming director,  who had just committed suicide. You imagine how his career morphed from there.

Mike ended up working in Hawaii radio from age 15 to age 30, before ending up being recruited to work on Guam, a tiny US territory he knew nothing about.

Episode 21 highlights Myk’s unusual and successful career that proves breaks in life truly can happen in an instant.  Enjoy episode 21, King of the Island Airwaves.

Myk Powell Comedy

Comedian, former radio personality, and talk show host, Myk Powell, discusses his radio career that landed him on the island of Guam where he became the top-rated talk show host for 10 years.

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