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Episode 16 with Comedian Tommy Savitt, aka Tommy Lama

Stand Up Comedy is generally acknowledged by the public at large as one of the more difficult tasks a person could do in front of a live audience. Multiple unknowns affect a comedian’s performance and more importantly, an audience’s reception to that performance. Everything from the microphone and sound system to the seating and layout of a venue. Additionally, the intoxication level of one or more audience members is just some of the potential pitfalls awaiting a comedian onstage. But it’s just another day for comedy veteran Tommy Savitt.

To navigate these factors in the best of conditions is no small feat. However, my Episode 16 guest, Tommy Savitt, aka Tommy Lama, has mastered his standup craft at clubs, casinos, and one-nighters for over two decades. Yet, even more, impressive than Tommy’s touring achievements, has been his unparalleled success – winning four major comedy competitions. Tommy has won the Seattle Comedy Competition, The Boston Comedy Festival, The Ventura Comedy Festival, and the Lake Tahoe Hard Rock Comedy Cage Match.

A Comedy Cage Match

Stand-up competitions are generally bare-knuckle comedy brawls. There, maybe several dozen comedians, selected from hundreds of entries go head to head. They showcase their tightest A-material, one after another. These contests can range from as short as two nights (Hard Rock Comedy Cage Match) to as long as three weeks (Seattle Comedy Competition). In the case of Seattle, contestants have to travel at their own expense between venues ranging from wineries and theaters to bars and breweries.  For a comedian to win a contest in front of audiences varying from rednecks to bluebloods is a tersely epic feat.  

The degree of challenge is high and the margin of error is low in these affairs. With contestants often just tenths of a point apart, one small joke miscue can mean the difference between being in the money or out in the cold. Tommy’s competitive spirit, mental sharpness, and comedy chops have brought him four comedy competition titles. This feat will likely never be duplicated.

Tommy’s interview opened a portal into his mindset and attitude built on a resiliency, honed from jumping from the rigors of law school to the grind of the New York comedy scene.  With a variety of experience and years of crafting material, Tommy unlocked his own competition formula to read audiences, adjust his material and energy, and withstand the mental challenge of competing against other top-flight comedians.

This was a great glimpse into the mind of a champion whose successes have lead him not only to winning four comedy competitions but also to get multiple residencies on the Las Vegas Strip. As a result, he’s had the honor of headlining dates across the US and Canada.  Enjoy Episode 16.


Tommy and Comedy

Tommy Savitt was born in New Jersey and bred in Brooklyn. He performs an exhilarating brand of eclectic comedy rarely seen. Tommy’s unorthodox comedy routine envelops his audience and heliports them into a domain of hilarity and pure craftsmanship.

Multi-Award winning comedian, Tommy Savitt, has won the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival, the Seattle Comedy Competition, the Ventura Comedy Festival’s Funniest Person Contest, and Lake Tahoe Hard Rock’s Comedy Cage Match. Tom was honored for the “Best In Comedy” category at the 2009 LA Comedy Awards. Tommy has been seen on WGN’s “The Bob & Tom Show”, SI Tv’s “Funny is Funny”, and Comcast On Demand. Additionally, he’s featured on Man Up Stand Up on Mav.Tv and on JLTV’s ” James and Sunda”. Tommy’s comedy CD Who Wants Me Now is one of the top requested on satellite radio. Tommy has dedicated much time to performing for our troops here and abroad.

Tommy’s journey to bring laughter to our armed forces has taken him to air force, army, and naval bases. He’s been all over the world. As a result, he’s visited Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Japan, South Korea, Bahrain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Curacao, Honduras, and Ecuador. Tommy has done it all – even performing at the United States Embassy in Belarus.

Tommy has also appeared on Si TV’s “Funny is Funny”, Comcasts’ “Boston Comedy Festival”, and National Lampoon. Additionally, he’s been in commercials for Adidas,, and Lowe’s. As an actor, Tommy starred as Horatio in Love’s Labours Lost at the Expanded Arts Theatre in New York City. Tommy now performs as Tommy Lama, whose bio below sums up the man best.

The History of Tommy Savitt

MASTER HEALER TOMMY LAMA, aka Tommy Savitt, was born into harsh circumstances that would have doomed a lesser man. Tommy grew up in Brooklyn, a traditional community where people help people beat up other people. A place rich in cultures – mostly salmonella. 

Tommy worked as a pest control technician while putting himself through law school. Then, one fateful evening, he accidentally inhaled pesticide while trapped in a collapsing basement of a mini-mart. An event that changed his perspective and brain chemistry. As Tommy snapped into consciousness, he interpreted this event as a message from the universe. He had to cleanse his Karma in order to make it into the next life. Fueled by his desire to make a difference, Tommy enlisted in the U.S.M.C summer program. Finally, while there, he was denied a purple heart despite nearly dying of exhaustion while still in boot camp.  

Undeterred by his failure, he began a lifelong vision quest and found himself traveling to the four corners of Google Earth. It was on this journey that he began using his powers for good. He took on the name given to him by his teacher, the great Maharaji Yamaha Suzuki Toyota, the Tommy Lama. Later, after disseminating his message in comedy clubs, he became the back-to-back winner of the Boston and Seattle comedy competitions. Additionally, he appeared on the Bob and Tom Show, National Lampoon’s Man Up Stand Up, and in commercials for Adidas,, and Lowe’s.

A Life-Changing Experience

A session with Tommy will change your life. Hate your job? I can show you how to get fired. Need to quit smoking? I will help you find an addiction better suited to your horoscope. Inadequate lover? I will help provide your wife with what she requires.

I have a long list of celebrity clients whose identities I cannot disclose. These including Gary Busey, Nick Nolte, and Lindsay Lohan. 

Now is your turn to join their ranks.

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