Getting The Last Laugh

Marc Yaffee

Episode 17 with Lynn Ruth Miller

At an age when most people are struggling to get out of bed, Lynn Ruth Miller is running circles around people half her age. Now 87, this octogenarian energizer bunny, has solidified a comedy career on both sides of the Atlantic; a career that didn’t even start until age 70.

Some say the best comedy comes from pain. This could explain Lynn Ruth‘s stand-up success. Aside from her advanced years, which truly sets her apart from most comedians, her life journey included a severely dysfunctional upbringing, two failed marriages, anorexia, and surprise, low self-esteem.  Not only did Lynn Ruth dive head-first into comedy at age 70, she took an opportunity to perform in England and ended up relocating there, earning accolades and new fans in the process. More importantly, she has embraced and her age with joy and acceptance. 

I’ve interviewed a number of record holders for my podcast but if few if any have Lynn Ruth‘s fearless attitude, indomitable spirit, and zest for life. Even if her comedy was not your cup of English tea, her interview alone is worth her insights on the importance of attitude and mindset. Enjoy Episode 17 and Lynn Ruth. 

Lynn Ruth Miller & Comedy

Lynn Ruth Miller is a Toledo, Ohio born comedienne and burlesque performer. After decades of low self-esteem fueled by bad marriages, anorexia, and a dysfunctional childhood, Lynn Ruth found stand-up comedy at age 70.

Now 17 years later, she continues to perform regularly and is in demand at cabarets and comedy clubs across England. Additionally, she has also toured internationally with appearances in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore among others. Since COVID-19, she has continued to perform online And just released her autobiography, Getting The Last Laugh. 

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