23 Million Mile Man

Marc Yaffee

Episode 19 with Tom Stuker

I thought I had done my fair share of flying over the years until I interviewed Tom Stuker. A highly sought after automobile dealer trainer and consultant, Tom has taken his talents all over the globe by air, to train car dealership staffs. His business success has catapulted him to mega-travel record holder. He is currently at over 23 million miles flown, including hundreds of trips to Australia. Amazingly, despite over 12,000 flights, Tom has not been involved in any incidents on a plane that involved in emergency landing or oxygen mask deployment, a remarkable record in itself.

After an hour of interacting, I can see why Tom takes to the flying life so easily. He’s got a great energy, a wanderlust, a genuine interest in other people and of course, a love of commercial aviation. What was not included in the podcast, was the fact that Tom has donated numerous flights and air miles to charitable organizations, for people in need of emergency travel. A man of integrity, Tom even did our interview at the scheduled time, despite dealing with some family emergencies.

How does a man who was afraid to fly become the world’s most frequent flyer? What’s it like for United Airlines to throw you a $250,000 party to honor you for 10,000,000 miles flown? And what happens when you meet Kenny G and Bill Murray and they call up your family members? Tom shares these insights and more in Episode 19. Please raise your seats to the upright position and fasten your seatbelt’s for a great interview.

Tom Stuker & Comedy

Tom Stuker is a world-renowned automobile dealer consultant and trainer best known for having accumulated over 23 million flight miles since the 1980s. Tom’s successful business career has taken him all around the world, including over 300 trips to Australia. He had his own television show on Spike TV, Car Lot Rescue, and was an inspiration for the George Clooney movie,

The Air Up There. Tom is currently working on a book, Time Flies, which will include his many brushes with celebrities, his cameo appearance on Seinfeld, and he is being honored by United Airlines with a $250,000 passenger appreciation party.

Tom Stuker the 23 million mile man

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